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Goods catalogue on informational portal CATALOG.TM: we have everything and even more

2 мая 2016 г.

Portal CATALOG.TM is information about best offers of shops of Turkmenistan, advertisements, map of Ashgabat, news from all over the world, music, unique organizations catalogue and goods catalogue.

In our goods catalogue you will find smartphones, workpads, TV-sets, notebooks, large household appliances, air conditioners, monoblocks, joypads and gamepads, keyboards, data termination units, TV-tuners, battery charges, clothes and other items in Ashgabat and other cities of Turkmenistan.

All goods are classified by categories and this makes search of necessary items fast and easy.

It is really easy to find goods in catalogue:

  • visit our site Catalog.TM;
  • choose the page «Goods» ;

  • for example, you need to find a workpad: you open the relevant category «Workpads»;

  • click on category – you will see all workpads on the page;
  • if you are looking for workpad by Apple, you just need to tick the box Apple and you will see all workpads by Apple;
  • in goods catalogue you will also find useful function – «Comparison»: while you are searching for goods, you may click on «Add to comparison». After that, you will see the chosen goods compared to each other;

  • after you have chosen the item to buy. Please, contact the seller/shop. On the page of the item you will find shops logos, price and contact information;
  • choose the best price and shop and contact the seller/shop;
  • please, ask the seller/shop about the terms of delivery, possibility to buy goods on credit.

    In goods catalogue you will find goods from more than 480 manufacturers: Samsung, Apple, HP, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Ariston, LG, Benetone, Genius, Dell, Apacer, Asus, D-link, Fujifilm, Toshiba, Cisco, Razer, JBL, New-Apacer, TDK, BBK, Toyota, Puma, Nokia, Lenovo, Astel, Scarlett, Caterpillar, AKIRA, Bosch, Huawei, Vestel, SHARP, GIGABYTE, Xiaomi, ZTE, Yota, Western Digital, Whirpool, Vitek, TP-link, Vestel, Transcend, Tefal, Targus, Sunny, Sky, SanDisc, Prizma, Oregon, Patriot, Nikura, Nikon, Moulinex, Moser, Logetech and many others.

    The assortment of goods is constantly expanding, shops offer discounts.

    For the timebeing we have more than 10 000 goods from 100 shops in our goods catalogue.

    BEST OFFER! We will create the site of your shop, saloon or service FREE OF CHARGE! Sell effectively with CATALOG.TM!

    Main catalogue of Turkmenistan CATALOG offers you great choice of household devices, clothes, accessories at best prices in Ashgabat, Mary, Dashoguz, Balkanabad, Baymali, Turkmenbashi and other cities of Turkmenistan. Visit our goods catalogue - choose, compare and buy goods at best prices!