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How to create your internet-shop on CATALOG in one day!

2 мая 2016 г.

Daily thousands of pages of CATALOG are surfed by residents of Turkmenistan, who are searching for the information about goods: smartphones, workpads, TV-sets, air-conditioners, notebooks, heaters and other household appliances and computer hardware.

On the pages of Catalog.TM users find information about shops and brands:Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, DELL, Akira, HP, Hitachi, Gefest, HP, D-Link, Nokia, Gefest, Bosch, BBK and many others.

More than 60 000 - 80 000 pages are surfed by our users monthly; our group in social messenger Line - - has more than 26 000 active users.

We also have a group in social net "VK" - catalogtm. The group has 1970 active users.

During one day you receive:

  • your internet-shop
  • internet-shop on main informational portal of Turkmenistan CATALOG.TM
  • catalogue of goods with photo and description
  • customers from Turkmenistan
  • promotion of your site and gaining popularity of your shop
  • and, of course, increase of income

It will be interesting for you to see, what shops have already created their sites and are working successfully:

and many others.

If you plan to push up your sales by means of on-line sales and internet-advertisement make your choice on behalf of Catalog.TM!

Our users are dozens of thousands of educated people with average and high earnings who have high purchasing power.

You may also order adverting campaign if our site.

If you are willing to create your internet-shop, advertise your goods and devices – CATALOG.TM team is at your disposal. Business with CATALOG.TM is effective, easy and in short terms! We will help you to land more customers and make your business grow!

Please, send your requests on

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