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Private ads on CATALOG: sell, buy or exchange things fast and easy

2 мая 2016 г.

Our consistent users know that on the informational portal CATALOG.TM we have a section “ADVERTISEMENTS”.

Here you may sell and buy goods, rent apartments and offer services.

Publish your advertisements in the section ”ADVERTISEMENTS” free of charge and with no registration.

How to publish you ads: on the main page of the site open «ADVERTISEMENTS», then «Place an advertisement» and add your information.

Informational portal CATALOG.TM does not set any limit in quantity of your ads. It is important to publish actual data with relevant photos and contact information.

Please, follow our advice how to publish advertisements on our informational portal.

Choose the action

Be sure, that you have chosen the right action: to sell, to buy, to exchange, to rent, to render services.

Choose the category

Please, be aware that you choose the right category. For example, you want to sell USB-flash – so, choose the category “USB FLASH”.

Quality photo

Always add photo to your advertisement. Quality photo will benefit to your sells. Do not download old photos and pictures that do not correspond the item. Remember – good photo is half the battle.


You should name your item or service. If you sell smartphone, household utilities or car indicate the model.

Description of item

When we are planning to buy goods, we always want to know more: condition, color, size, functions and other characteristics. Make the detailed description of the item you sell.


Indicate the price in manats (tmt) or in US dollars ($). As selling practice shows, overpricing will not give good selling results. So, try to define the price bearing in mind the condition of the item you sell and its price in shops of your country.

Good luck!

Visit the section ADVERTISEMENTS on our site CATALOG.TM and sell, buy and exchange! On our informational portal CATALOG.TM you can publish your ads free of charge. Users from Ashgabat, Mary, Dashoguz, Balkanabad, Baymali, Turkmenbashi and other cities of Turkmenistan will see your advertisements on our site.