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The biggest organizations catalogue of Turkmenistan

29 сентября 2016 г.
Оrganizations catalogue of Turkmenistan

The informational portal CATALOG.TM - goods catalogue, private ads, map of Turkmenistan, news, music and organizations catalogue of Turkmenistan.

We have gathered the most accurate and detailed information in our organizations catalogue of Turkmenistan.

Here you will find the information about organizations in Turkmenistan with contact numbers and location on the map.

For the moment, we have the biggest organizations catalogue of Turkmenistan.

You will find the information about different organizations: pharmacies, banks, state administrations, SPA saloons, sport halls, auto services, embassies, schools, hospitals and many other organizations.

Today we are celebrating a kind of "anniversary" – the number of organizations reached 1 500!

For convenience of our users all organizations are categorized:

Auto: petrol stations, spare parts, car wash, auto saloons, service centers.

Beauty: saloons, hairdressers, beauty saloons, SPA.

Culture: libraries, museums, sculptures and monuments, theaters.

Education: universities, schools, driving schools, academies.

Food: banquet halls, bars, cafes, restaurants, canteens.

Health: pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, dentistry’s.

Religion: mosques, cemeteries, churches.

Rest and recreations: cinemas, concert halls, parks and squares.

Services: real-estate agencies, post, service centers, computer repairs.

Services for business: business centers, translation services.

Shops: internet shops, bazaars, trading centers.

Sport: swimming-pools, sport halls, sport schools.

State and society: lawyers, associations, banks, courts, embassies, state administrations.

Transport: airline companies, bus stations, airports, city transport.

Click to organizations catalogue on CATALOG! We offer the most accurate and detailed information about organizations of Turkmenistan!